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Content on this site comes from projects completed by students in Molly Turner's English courses from 2011-2014. Thanks to all of the wonderful students who participated in these projects, and gave permission for their words and photos to be published.

  • Yucheng

Henry Miller said "One's destination is never a place but a new way of seeing things." This sums up very well what I experienced for one year as an exchange student at the University of Connecticut. And this course, English 1003, is a class that I will never forget. When I came here, I was more focused on grammar but this class showed me very different and various things that I really appreciated. I like discovering, observing and analyzing different cultures and this is exactly what this class brought to my experience as a student in the United States of America. English 1003 gave me the opportunity to put into words what I have been observing so far.
--Aurore, exchange student from France

The backgrounds of people in my class were totally different: we had undergraduate and graduate students, we had people from humanities, STEM, and business majors, we had Asian, European, and African students, and we also had married and unmarried students (a young lady even has a son!). So I could always learn new things about the world, which I cannot expect in my other classes. But the most important thing is to respect others. We knew we were a diverse group, so we respected the differences among us and tried to understand one another. To some extent, it was a process that we expanded our domain of care, put ourselves into other students’ shoes, and tried to feel how they feel when they were telling stories. 
--Guijin, first year student from China

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